Which common disorders of the eye can sometimes be self-treated?

Several. Common eye disorders with home treatment remedies include dry eyes, eyelid irritations, ; allergy- related eye conditions. These conditions are often similarly treated with artificial tears, eyelid warm compresses followed by lid cleansing ; massage with baby shampoo. Additionally, for the itchy symptoms, otc antihistamine eye drops are available.
Mostly dry eyes. Tears are very important to bring nutrition to the eye and carry away the waste products. They can thicken with age causing irritation and itching. Rubbing makes it worse. Use artificial tears as often as needed. If not better, see md.
Blepharitis. Blepharitis, (a common disorder where the eyelids themselves become irritated) can be treated with warm compresses and supportive care. The viral form of conjunctivits(or "pink" eye) can be treated similarly; and in most mild cases simply be observed. In some cases an anti-allergy medication [like a Benadryl (diphenhydramine) or an over the counter claritin] can be taken to alleviate the itchy sensation.