What are the chances of a 22/Hispanic male with twitching muscles, and weaknes to have als? Should I be worried? I also drink and smoke marijuana?

Stop drinking alcohol. It's best to go to the neurologist if you think you have ALS symptoms. However the most important things you can do is stop drinking alcohol, which is a neurotoxin. If you had marijuana on top of this, you may be complicating your picture further. Having muscle twitching depending on where it's located can be due to your high stress level. So take it easy & see your doctor first. .
See a neurologist. A good neuro exam is the place to start. ALS is uncommon but can present in the third decade. I would be doing you a great disservice to speculate further. Thank you for your confidence in Health Tap. I hope you have one of the more common benign conditions that cause diffuse muscle twitching.