Suggest some necessary steps to prevent diabetes eye problems?

Blood sugar control. Consistantly elevated blood sugar in diabetes damages blood vessels throughout the body, and the delicate nature of ocular tissues makes them particularly susceptible to such damage. This is exacerbated by high blood pressure. The most important thing a diabetic can do is control average blood sugar, as measured by hemoglobin A1c (target less than 7.0).
Control, control!!! Multiple studies have shown that patients who control their blood sugar, blood pressure and their cholesterol levels have a much lower chance of developing eye problems, kidney disease, peripheral nerve problems and peripheral circulation problems. If you already have some of these problems, beter control canlimit the severity of your diseases and may help reverse some of the damage.
Control Blood Sugars. As with any diabetic complication, the risk is decreased (not 100%) by working with your doctor, a dietician, losing weight when indicated (for most people, but not all), checking your blood sugars so your doctor can adjust your medication, eating the correct diet, and taking your medication as instructed.