Dumb q: why do I need shingles vaccine at 50 if I already had chicken pox?

Waning immunity. The shingles represent a return of varicella virus you encountered in childhood. It goes into hibernation in nerve centers along the front of the spine, kept in check by antibodies you developed as a kid. In some, the virus re-emerges as shingles. The shingles shot has a high concentration of the antigen to boost an aging system. Get it & decrease possibly of getting shingles.
SHINGLES. Chickenpox gives lifelong immunity , so there's protection against shingles.Shingles or herpes zoster infection results from reactivation from its latent state in the posterior dorsal root ganglion affecting the elderly and HIV infected patients. To boost the immune response of the elderly, who previously had chickenpox, a more potent vaccine is given.