Had colonoscopy friday having terrible bloating and cramping but no bm today. Had constipation before test. I already drink lots of water & eat fiber?

Usually this. Is due to pockets of gas trapped after the colonoscopy. With the bowel prep it is not unusual to go 2-3 days after a scope before you have a bowewl movement. Eat light meals until you do and sometimes warm tub soaks or a heating pad can help. If you are running a fever call your endoscopist immediately.
Not to worry. Prior to colonoscopy you were given laxatives with liquid diet the day before, all the stools being cleaned out.After the procedure although you can eat but still not much yet, i would wait for a day or two if you will have a bowel movement. If not, see a doctor to have a blood test done to check for thyroid problems .Stress may affect and cause constipation as well.