What are pH levels?  how does one increase or decrease pH levels naturally?

Let your body do it. The normal pH in human body fluids is 7.40. All enzymes & cellular processes function best in a narrow pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. Major fluctuations in pH occur from 2 causes: respiratory & metabolic. For example rapid breathing & diabetes each lower ph, a condition caused acidosis. The body will try to compensate taking steps to restore normal ph. If your pH is within the normal range leave it be.
PH is… …a measure of acidity or alkalinity. Ph stands for percent hydrogen ion; the more hydrogen ion there is, the greater the acidity. Ph of 7 is neutral; higher values (7-14) are more alkaline (less hydrogen ion); lower values (1-7) are more acidic; the lower the ph, the more acidic the solution. Our diet tends to the acidic; so body produces bicarbonate, (sodium bicarbonate) etc. To buffer the system. See following site—.