What is the HBV viral count needed for taking baraclude (entecavir)?

Depends. Your doctor probably checked a HBV viral count to see if you have active hepatitis B and depending on that level and other labs, you might need treatment with baraclude, (entecavir) while in certain situations you might not. See a liver doctor for discussion.

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My father has hepatitis b and he is taking baraclude (entecavir) 5mg but he is feeling bitter taste in mouth and have a feeling of heavyness on stomach area! Why?

Entecavir. Check out http://www.Drugs.Com/sfx/baraclude-side-effects.Html for side effects of Baraclude (entecavir). Your father should speak w/his hepatologist/gastroenterologist about what to expect from his hepatitis b infection vs what to expect from his treatment, as well as signs/symptoms to report immediately. This applies to any & all conditions managed w/your physician. Read more...