My daughter had blood work done. I am scared out of my mind. High level in gfr, phosphatase alk, and bun/crea and low levels in cr-s and wbc. Please?

Prob normal. The higher GFR the better, that means the kidneys filter very well. Alk phos is supposed to be high in a growing child whose bones are changing. Low bun/crea is a good healthy thing as well. Low WBC is usually fine, not sure what cr-s is...
LAB RESULT. Need more clinical data. Sometimes in the absence of renal disease, the BUN and creatinine can be elevated due to dehydration before taking blood. In children the alkaline phosphatase is elevated due to growth. The low WBC means there is no sign of infection.
For Healthy Kids. Growing children have "hi" alk phos because of bone growth. Peds references aren't always provided by labs. What is meant by hi gfr? It signifies kidney fxn. The lower the # the worse kidney fxn. Hi bun/cr may be dehydration, esp if cr isn't hi. Kids don't have much muscle compared to adults so cr will be lower. How low is wbc, what context? Diff done? In what context labs drawn? Speak w/doc too.