What is the difference between type I hypersensitivity and type ii?

Big difference. Type 1 is mediated by the IgE antibody and responsible for anaphylaxis, hay fever, allerg etc. Allergy skin test can identify these. Type 2 is mediated by IgG or IgM antibody and complement proteins that are "cytotoxic" that ends up killing the target cell. Examples of this are hemolytic anemia, Graves disease, Myasthenia gravis, Rheumatic heart disease, etc. For anemia, a Coombs test is used.

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Help please? What is the difference between type I hypersensitivity to type ii?

Type I is immediate. hypersensitivity reactions, involves IgE with histamine and other mediators release from mast cells, while type II is cytotoxic hypersensitivity reactions involving IgG or IgM bound to cell surface antigens, with subsequent complement (a protein in the blood) fixation, there are also type III and type IV reactions, type I reactions are responsible for immediate allergic symptoms to foods or drugs. Read more...