What are secondary cataracts? I would like to know about it.

Scar tissue on lens. Secondary cataracts are a film of scar tissue that forms on the back of the artificial implant lens after cataract surgery. They are quite common, and treatable with an in-office laser by an ophthalmologist.
PCO Posterior Cap. Posterior Capsular Opacification; Eye lens normally clear: like a "pillow in a pillowcase". When cloudy/white & affecting vision, need surgery. Goal:remove top of pillow case (anterior capsule), remove pillow (cataract), keep back pillow case intact (posterior capsule), place a new lens; 10-20% risk need laser after 1st surgery for PCO: posterior capsular opacification. eyedoc2020@blogspot.com.
Cloudy membrane. The cloudiness occurs in 8-20% of patients after cataract surgery. Often it is caused by cells that are left behind during surgery. It is almost impossible to remove every cell, and if they grow, they cause a cloud. It occurs more often in younger patients.
Secondary cataract. Secondary cataract is a condition where the posterior capsule (the clear membrane behind the lens) becomes cloudy or scarred. Immediately after surgery this membrane is clear like seran wrap. The light passes through the pupil, then the new lens implant, then this clear membrane (posterior capsule). It can cloud like wax paper. A yag laser can be used to make a hole in this clouded membrane.
Cloudy capsule. The back part of the lens, known as the posterior capsule, is left in place after cataract surgery to help hold the plastic intraocular lens in the correct position. Sometimes, less than 10% of the time, this membrane can become cloudy and lead to a secondary cataract. A laser surgery performed in your eyemd's office can correct this problem when it occurs.
CapsuleOpacification. During cataract surgery to remove a cloudy lens, the capsule holding the lens is left behind to hold the new implanted lens. This capsule can become cloudy over time and is called a secondary cataract. They can be treated easily with outpatient laser treatment.