If the city water does not have fluoride is it okay to give fluoride tablets to kids? Until what age this should be continued?

Yes. . Fluoride supplements generally are reserved for children 6 months to 16 years old who have low levels of Fluoride in their drinking water. These are available as liquids or drops for younger children and tablets for older children. Either your pediatrician or your dentist can prescribe them. Fluoride treatments help to prevent decay in children and adults. Those at risk of dental decay benefit.
Depends . Even if city water does not have fluoride, if you have well water you need to test the Fluoride levels before determining if supplementation is needed the guidlines for Fluoride are water with less than 0.3 ppm 6 months to 3 years -0.25mg 3 years to 6-0.5mg 6-16 1.0 mg water with 0.3-0.6 ppm 6m-3y 0 3y-6y 0.25 mg 6y-16y 0.5 mg water with more than .6 ppm none always confirm with yourdoctor first.
Pediatric Dentist. You should consult with your local pediatric dentist to determine if your child requires Fluoride supplementation. This answer is individual for each person/child.
Benefits. Almost every surgeon general has stated that tooth decay and its effects-pain, suffering, lost time from school-should be mitigated by adding Fluoride to our water supply. There may be some arguments against it, but until we can be sure that every child gets the supplements they need, adding it to water is an beneficial alternative. I urge my dental colleagues to educate our medical colleagues.
Fluoride Use. It is a prescription medication approved by the ada and the fda. Fluoride in a tablet or liquid form is very effective in hardening the enamel and making it more resistant to decay. It should be only be taken while the teeth are forming and only if the exact concentration of the water is known.Typically it is prescribed by a physician or dentist until about age 10 or 11. See a pediatric dentist!
Yes, if correct dose. Yes, but correct dosage depends on the childs age and dental condition. Even children who live in areas with no Fluoride in the water receive some Fluoride from the food and drink that is processd in areas that do have fluoride. If the child has good home care and no previous problems with cavities they they should be given the next lower dose f supp. For there age.
Yes, but.... Make sure to have the water tested to determine the exact level of Fluoride present, since trace amounts may affect what is prescribed as a supplement. Once tested, then a proper supplement can be prescribed by your dentist.
Yes. Yes, it is a very good idea to supplement your children's diet with fluoride. Your dentist will prescribe these for you and tell you the proper dosage for your children. Also make sure your children are using Fluoride toothpaste daily and a Fluoride rinse such as act.