When will I get my normal vision after the cataract surgery?

Full healing 5 weeks. Vision better in1-3 days. Glasses post op depends on iol implant type (bifocal/astigmatic/ standard) must be correct candidate for special implants your ophthalmologist will be able to tell you what type of implant your eyes qualify for.
Cataract surgery. Vision recovers within a few weeks of surgery but most patients see improvement within a few days.
Cataract surgery. It depends. The severity of the cataract and the difficulty of the surgery will determine your postop recovery time. In some cases, the eye has good vision on day 1 after surgery, but some people may take several months to heal if the cataract surgery is complicated. Follow the directions of your surgeon and use your drops as directed.
Varies, 1-2 weeks. It can take time to recover from any surgery, and you should discuss this with your eyemd. It can depend on other medical and eye conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, and even your cardiovascular health. If you only have surgery on one eye, it can take a few weeks for the eyes to start to work together.
Within a week. The recovery will vary depending on the density of your cataract, but typically patients are seeing better as soon as the day after cataract surgery. By a week, almost everyone is seeing better. See your eye doctor for a specific estimate.
Yes. Vision gets better if you don't have any other eye problems and if the surgery is uncomplicated.

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I am two weeks post cataract surgery. Vision good. Today had lengthy episode of floaters including cloudy floaters and vision not as precise. Normal?

No. This could be retinal tear or detachment. See your ophthalmologist as soon as possible for retinal exam.
Floaters after CS. Floaters after a non-complicated CS procedure can occur. Check with your eyeMD to be sure no vitreous was lost during procedure. If flashing or a significant numbers of floaters or a curtain coming down over your vision occurs, call your eyeMD ASAP to be sure there is no new retinal hole or detachment.

Following cataract surgery, will the eye go back to normal perfect vision?

Possibly. If the eye is normal except for the cataract and had excellent vision before the cataract formed, then normal vision is the usual result. Cataract surgery corrects cloudy optics but will not undo any retinal or corneal damage that predates the cataract removal.
Vision & Cataract. Vision usually decreases with cataract formation; Depending on pre-operative risk factors (ie, hypertension, diabetes, pseudoexfoliation, trauma, etc) the vast majority of patients achieve 20/20 vision after cataract surgery (low risk factor patients). Most patients say colors are brighter after surgery & VA much better. More info at: eyedoc2020 blogspot com.

Why am I experiencing a cloudy vision after a cataract surgery?

Depends. How long ago was the surgery. If it was recently, you may have swelling of the cornea and this will most likely clear. If the vision was clear and now months to years later it is cloudy you may have a posterior capsular opacity which laser would correct. If it is 3-6 weeks after surgery it could be the posterior capsular opacity or cme (cystoid macular edema). See your eye doctor.
Cloudy vision. Cloudy vision after cataract surgery can be dud to many issues. Theist common cause is residual glasses prescription. Corneal swelling, dry eyes, persistent inflammation, lens issues, retinal or optic nerve disease may aldo cause visual issues postop. I would ask your surgeon.

My uncorrected distance vision is 20/200; corrected is 20/20. Will my uncorrected vision improve after aspheric monofocal IOL post cataract surgery?

Very Possibly. It is always difficult to answer this kind of question without knowing the details of your case. In general, If this is what you wish and no complications occur, your uncorrected vision will likely improve. The best of wishes for good health.