What type of birth control is the best?

None. There really is no best. each form has advantages and disadvantages. All are relatively similar in efficacy if used correctly. you need to identify what is best for your situation.
Abstinence. Abstinence is the only form of contraception that guarantees no pregnancy. In my pediatric career, I've seen more than one child born to a mom on every form of contraception, including after tubal ligation. However, if abstinence is not in your game plan, then you must speak with your personal doctor about what would be best for your individual needs. No two people have identical circumstances.

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What type of birth control prevents pregnancy the best?

Best birth control. The best birth control is use of the birth control pills. The do have side effects, and for that reason many women choose to use a form of barrier contraction. The barrier methods have a higher failure rate most likely due to couples not using them all the time! Read more...

How can I find out what type of birth control is best for me?

Please see your GYN. That is your gyn's expertise and your gyn can discuss all possible options for your specific situation. Read more...

Am I able to stop my period once it has started April 20th (today) and stop it by April 24th which is Friday? What type of birth control is best?

Depends . There are many types that would be appropriate from pills to IUD - you should understand each one and know if you would like to be pregnant sooner rather than later. If sooner then pill, if later (years) IUD. Read more...