What is the treatment for water intoxication?

H2O restriction. Unless there is a abnormality with adh (anti-diuretic hormone) then wate/fluid restriciton is the rx.

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What's the treatment for water intoxication?

Water intoxication. This is an uncommon (? rare) condition and you should go online and look up "Water Intoxication" in Wikipedia. Once you understand this you should see your doctor for management.

How to counteract water intoxication?

Depends. Hi. Severe water intoxication is a medical emergency and needs to be managed in a hospital by experienced docs (usually endocrine or kidney). Non-severe cases are treated with water restriction. If you have the condition known as SIADH, go over all this with your doc. Good luck!

How much water leads to water intoxication?

It is Variable. Healthy adult kidney is capable of handling 15 litres of water a day spread over the day. An adult should not drink more than 8 oq of water per hour to give your body time to absorp and excrete. If you consume more than that or drink. How much water leads to water intoxication depends if your kidneys are healthy, over how long period you drink the water and if you are drinking after strenuous exerc.

What are the symptoms of water intoxication?

Several! First ask can I be water intoxicated. Symptoms vary from mental lassitude to seizures. A metabolic panel (inexpensive)\ can document this.

How difficult is it to die of water intoxication?

Pretty hard. Normal kidneys will rarely allow an individual to drink so much water that it dilutes the sodium in their body down to dangerous levels. People with kidney disease, or really chugging the water very quickly (we are talking gallons) can do it, but it is unlikely. If there is an underlying psychiatric problem causing excessive water drinking, it needs treatment. If this is you, seek help.

Does anyone know if hyponatremia is water intoxication?

Not the same. But could be related. Hyponatremia means there is too little sodium in the blood. Water intoxication means someone has taken in so much water that they have diluted the salts like sodium in the blood. In general, the kidneys are very good at regulating sodium and water, so often one has to have an illness for this system to get out of whack.
Yes. Respectfully, this is a spectrum of the same problem. When some is losing sodium through sweat and replacing losses with water (not salts + water), the salt to water ratio drops. This is called hyponatremia. When hyponatremia develops quickly, the brain cells swell and this alters cognition and can cause a seizure. The spectrum from nausea to seizure can be considered water intoxication.
Here are some... Hyponatemia may be an indirect lab test of water intoxication resulting from inadequate disproportional fluid replacement for over sweating, hypovolemia from chronic dehydration, or hypervolemia from acute absorption during surgery like that in transurethral resection of prostate with obstructive voiding. The degree & pace of Its related symptoms may widely vary depending the pace of developing...