What is the treatment for von willebrand?

Several options. The medicines for stopping or preventing bleeding for patients with von willebrand's disease include DDAVP (desmopressin injection, and stymate nasal spray), Amicar (epsilon aminocaproic acid), tranexamic acid, and von willebrand's factor/factor viii concentrates). Which one one should choose depends on the severity of disease and severity of bleeding. It should be decided by a specialist.
It depends. The most common type of VWD is type 1, marked by a deficiency of vw factor. These patients often can be treated with a medicine called DDAVP (desmopressin) that will increase the level of vwf in their blood. It can be given either IV or intranasally. Patients with other types of VWD often need treatment with vwf concentrates to correct their deficiency. In either case, treatment is only required for bleeding.

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Do you know any person with von willebrand disease and factor five disorder both? I have both and I am told I can have no treatments?

Yes. This is a genetic condition which leaves you with a potential bleeding problem. No cure but there are some pretty royal families with this problem. Read more...
Uncommon problem. Factor v deficiency is really rare, but vw disease is very common, but sometimes overdiagnosed. There are known cases of combined factor v and viii deficiency (i have had 1 patient with this). There is no treatment that would reverse this, but in case of bleeding or anticipated blood loss, we do offer treatment that works very well. Read more...