What is the treatment for vestibular neuritis?

Vestibular neuritis. Usually low dose corticosteroids prednisone/methylprednisolone are used to speed recovery. To treat the vertigo, Meclizine or a benzodiazepine, like low dose diazepam, are commonly used.

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5 months of Vestibular neuritis, brain MRI ok. I am still getting dizzy and foggy, despite 1 month of therapy is it normal? No hearing loss!

Clarification. You do NOT have "vestibular neuritis", as this is a short-term infection, lasting maybe 2-3 weeks. Would suggest you have otological testing to see if you have Meniere's, otolithic dysfnctn such as benign positional vertigo, or even perilymphatic or endolympatic fistula. See otolaryngologist.

I have Vestibular neuritis!! It's awful!! I've had it on/off for nearly a year now. Please help. Is there a cure,? I'm over it big time.

Need more info. This is uncommon to have recurrent vestibular neuritis, its a dx if exclusion, did you get ruled out for other causes like a brainstem mass with mri brain (with contrast) or vestibular migraine (by hx). consider getting hsv antibody titers checked and id specialist to treat for it more aggressively if you're positive since hsv reactivation is a common cause of recurrent vestibular neuritis.

Had positional vertigo for over 10 years. Hallpike positive, but after treatment, it comes back mildly usually after I get a cold. Vestibular neuritis?

Good case. A cold can make symptoms worse, for sure, but I do not believe that means it is vestibular neuritis. Since you are sensitive to the Hallpike and you feel better with positional treatment, it cannot be just a case of vestibular neuritis. There must be a benign positional component too.

I have vestibular neuritis diagnosis for 3 year with extreme lightheaded. Pt; medicine; etc hasn't helped at all. Could it be allrrgy? Something else?

Your symptoms? Let me take a guess....You're on meclizine? Doubt allergy as a cause. If you're not seeing a neurologist to get look into this then, may I suggest you consider getting one? If you have a neurologist then, consider either a neuro-otologist or asking your primary doc to get you to an ENT person just to be sure it's not an ear apparatus problem.

Hows vestibular neuritis diagnosed?

Vestibular Neuroniti. In large part, the process involves examination that can explain a lesion in one or the other balance nerves. It is not possible on clinical examination to be absolutely certain that symptoms are not actually caused by a stroke, so mistakes are possible. Nevertheless, this happens so rarely that it is not always necessary to perform MRI scans or the like very often unless symptoms persist or recur.

What is the diagnoses method for vestibular neuritis?

ENT. Would see an ENT but, audiogram and an electronystagmograpy (test to record involuntary movements of the eye) would help..

How to know if I have vestibular neuritis or pots?

Go to doctor. These are very different conditions. The wisest course of action would be to explain your symptoms to your doctor and be evaluated accordingly.

Is there any herbs for vestibular neuritis there's no hearing problems?

Maybe. It is possible that valerian root could help, because it has a weak valium-type compound. However, herbal supplements are virtually unregulated, so it's always a crap shoot as to exactly how much of the various compounds are in a given pill.

Is it possible to get labyrinthitis or vestibular neuritis from going out of usa?

Yes. Both diseases of the inner ear are usually caused by a viral infection. I am sure that outside the usa these viruses exist and can infect the inner ear tissue.