What is a strong painkiller I can take if I have a morphine allergy?

Narcotics. Unfortunately, narcotics act to decrease mast cell threshold such that an itchy rash occurs commonly. This does not usually correspond to a true antibody-mediated allergy. The good news is that morphine does this the most, so some people tolerate other narcotic pain medications such as Fentanyl even if morphine causes hives. An Allergist may be helpful in generating safe and effective options.

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What is the definition or description of: Astramorph (morphine) allergy?

Not allergy. Since opiates such as morphine directly releases histamine from the body cells, a good % of the people may end up with itching and even hives from it. But this is a chemical and not a truly allergic reaction and is usually dose-dependent. Opiates can cause sedation, stomach upset, and constipation but these are not from being allergic. Thus most if not all reactions are not allergic in nature. Read more...

Is death outcome of morphine allergy?

Possible. It is unclear if true IgE morphine allergy exist. Narcotics are non specific irritants of mast cells and can cause these allergy cells to release their mediators and cause allergy symptoms. Having said that any medicine when used has the potential to cause untoward reactions and narcotics in particular are very dangerous medications that need to be carefully prescribed and monitored when used. Read more...