What is the treatment for triglyceride?

Depends on cause. High triglycerides have many causes. In patients with secondary causes, such medications or other diseases, stopping those medications or treating the condition may help. Indeed , high tg's can be seen in patients with obesity or "pre-diabetes" and often dietary carbohydrate/sugar restriction can improve tg's. However, in those with genetic causes, often dietary fat restriction is required.
High triglyceride. Assuming you are asking about treatment for high blood triglyceride, the first line treatment is a proper diet that avoids simple sugars . See the glycemic charts that show which sugars to avoid the most e.g. Sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Discuss the treatment with a dietitian or your doctor. Have a check up to rule out diabetes and other illnesses.

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What is the best treatment for high triglyceride levels?

Diet and meds. Triglycerides can be treated with lifestyle changes including, a low fat diet, regular exercise, and weight loss. Depending on the level medication or over-the-counter supplements may be necessary. Otc meds such as omega 3 fish oil and Niacin can be helpful if lifestyle changes fail. Medications that target triglycerides are available as well. Read more...
Depends. Depends on how high the triglycerides (tg's) are. If greater thatn 500mg/dl then we do try to lower them with diet and medications to prevent pancreatitis. Depending on the cause, dietary restriction of fats and or sugar/carbohydrates will be required. High dose fish oils ( omega #) along with lipid lowering meds such as fibrates , niacin, and statins may also be needed to lower tg's. Read more...