What is a good treatment for rosacea in an elderly person?

Same as other age. Rosacea is treated in the same fashion, typically w/antibiotics & acne medications (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/rosacea/basics/treatment/con-20014478) regardless of age. Instead, we need to take into account one's medical history, drug regimen & allergies, in order to help select the best treatment for that individual.
Tends to show up in . middle-aged and older people. If someone is elderly, it's easily treated by using either low dose, subclinical levels of a particular antibiotic.This works through it's anti-collagenace activity. Often rosacea can affect the eyes and lower eyelids, contracting pulling the lids down, drying the skin, giving a ruddy complexion, with red spots or adult acne. Can see oculoplastics eye doctor for this.