What is a good home remedy for varicose veins?

Yes it helps. Exercise, leg elevation and compression stockings may help some of the symptoms but will not get them to go away. It's probably best to meet with a surgeon that is a vein specialist to discuss all of the medical and surgical options that are available today like RFA, EVLA, MOCA and foam sclero, or even just compression stockings to aid in management of your symptoms.
Horse Chestnut, Hose. Compression hose / compression stockings, leg elevation, exercise, & weight loss can often help with symptoms of pain & swelling & also slow down the progression of the disease. Horse chestnut extract & diosmin can often help with symptoms as well. But these therapies will not resolve the problem, since the problem is anatomic valve failure inside the veins. Seek a vascular surgeon for opinion.
Home vein remedy. A good home remedy for varicose veins is standing on your head. Once you tire of this, leg elevation, weight loss, and support stockings with walking help. Sitting or prolonged standing should be avoided. Buckwheat (kasha) contains rutin, an anti-inflammatory. You can also try herbal horse chestnut extract, a venotonic.