What is the treatment for torsion of testis?

Surgery. The only treatment option for torsion of the testicle is emergent surgery to untwist the testicle. If left untreated, the testicle will lose its blood supply and will need to be removed.
Untwist & fix. Testicular torsion is an emergency & must be corrected asap because there is increasing risk of loss of testicle as time goes by. Immediate possible temporary fix is to manually untwist testis as if "opening a book", right clockwise, left counter-vlockwise. Not often possible & then needs to be fixed surgically. Definitive treatment is surgically to open scrotum & fix both testes to scrotal wall.

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I had torsion of testis surgery 4 weeks ago, I askin so much because I am so scared. And I really want to mastrubate but I can't because I am scared.

It's ok. That shouldn't be a problem (as long as you are not in public)!
OK with caution. Surgery for torsion of the testis involves suture pexy of the testicle to the scrotum. In other words the free testicle that could twist is now fixed with suture to the wall of the scrotum. After 4 weeks, this bond should be approximately 70% as strong as normal tissues. Gentle masturbation is ok with a lot of lubrication. Take it slow. Listen to your body, if you have pain, stop. Nothing wild!

I had torsion of testis. Not good sex after?

Why not? You will be sore but once healed should have no problems.

What is the definition or description of: torsion of testis?

Torsion. Torsion is the twisting of the blood vessels supplying the testicle to the point where no blood flow is present. If it is not diagnosed or treated within 4-6 hours the testicle may not be salvaged.
Testicular torsion. Literally a twisting of the testis and the spermatic cord within the scrotal sac. Because the blood supply to and from the testis is contained in the twisted cord, this is a true surgical emergency.

I woke up due to pain. Could this mean I have torsion of testis?

Maybe. If testicle hurts go to er. Time sensitive to save testicle if torsion.
Yes it could. Might also be torsion of an appendix testis or epididymitis. However, testis torsion is an emergency, please get it checked immediately as torsion must be corrected quickly or the testicle could "die". Sometimes torsion can temporarily be corrected by twisting the testicle in a direction as if "opening a book", i.e. Outwards. Please do not delay.

I woke up due to pain in my testicles could this mean I have torsion of testis?

Yes. Acute pain in the testicles can be caused by torsion at any age especially if the age is between 13 and 35 years old. Severe pain is usually the symptom and requires an emergent visit to the local emergency room to prevent loss of the testicle. It can also sometimes signify cancer, infection, or inflammation. See your physician to differentiate.

I had torsion of testis surgery 4 weeks ago, my doctor said you can't sport for 6-8weeks but someone here says you can mastrubate. Why not sport?

Neither. Do not masturbate or do sports. Masturbating, you will increase blood flow to your testicles, which can affect your repair at early recovery period.
About? There is no crystal-ball advice on how long the postoperative recovery should be. The ongoing postoperative advice usually serves more for medico-legal demand and social/political correctness with no solidly proved value. Generally speaking, let the surgical site settle down usually within one week, then you can move along with common sense as long as being tolerable and of no undue swelling.
Go ahead with both. Testis torsion surgery fortunately doesn't involve any muscle cutting apart fro scrotal skin muscle. Thus do anything you like provided UR pain free. Pain or tenderness are the only limiting factors.