What is the treatment for tbi?

Brain injury. Do you mean "traumatic brain injury? If so, many pts. Improve slowly and steadily over a 1 1/2-2 year period of time. Some benefit from speech therapies, cognitive-behavioural therapies, and even the useage of memory enhancing agents such as Namenda (memantine) or aricept. Antidepressants, and drugs to enhance focus and concentration may be useful.
Depends on severity. Treatment of tbi depends on the severity. If there is a mass lesion (blood clot) the treatment is surgical removal of the blood clot by a neurosurgeon. If there is diffuse swelling, the patients have brain monitoring to check the brain pressures. Medications are used to "induce a coma" and help to decrease the swelling and brain pressure. For mild tbi, the treatment is supportive care.