How can we treat cushing's disease?

Depends. Surgery 2 remove the pituitary tumor if possible. During the recovery process, u may need cortisol replacement treatments. Radiation treatment of the pituitary gland may also be used. If the tumor doesnt respond 2 surgery or radiation, u may get meds 2 stop ur body from making cortisol. Adrenal glands may need to be removed to stop the high levels of cortisol from being produced.
Diagnosis? First, cushing's syndrome is caused by an excess of cortisol. It can be caused by a pituitary tumor, and adrenal tumor, rare causes of "ectopic" production (like lung cancer) or adrenal cancer. Blood tests make the specific diagnosis. Cushing's disease refers to the pituitary tumor. If that is the cause of the hormone production, a neurosurgeon can remove it - often through a nasal approach.