How can we detect gigantism by the signs and symptoms?

Unusual bone growth. Gigantism is known medically as acromegaly and results from abnormal production of growth hormone, usually from the pituitary gland. Children exhibit excessive height as the usual the first sign. Adults with abnormally high levels of growth hormone usually develop a thickened brow, chin, large hands and have problems with bone growth in general as well as collagen problems and heart problems.
Sometimes focal. Diffuse gigantism of acromegaly is related to excessive production of growth hormone by pituitary gland and diffuse overgrowth of body parts. Another form of gigantism is focal gigantism which can cause overgrowth of portion of arm or leg. Hemangiomas, neurofibromatosis. And macro dystrophia lipomatosa (extra fat deposition) and proteus syndrome. Sometimes half of body enlarged hemihypertrophy.