What effects do blood thinnershave in someone with brain cancer and a heart attack?

Prevent blood clots. Blood thinners are given to decrease the risk of clots forming in the vascular system.Heart attacks are caused by clots in the coronary arteries (blood vessels in the heart). People with cancer are at a higher risk than normal of forming clots in veins and arteries (hypercoagulable). People who have had a heart attack have a lower risk of early and late mortality if given aspirin (a blood thinner)

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Can blood pressure indicate heart attack and bleed on the brain if so would it be high or low?

No, not reliably. Consequences of heart disease or stroke on blood pressure and visa versa, the effect of blood pressure on the heart or brain, is not uniform. Clearly markedly elevated blood pressure is a risk for stroke and increases the work on the heart, but patients with normal blood pressure can still experience a stroke or have a heart attack. There are many other factors to consider. Read more...