What is the treatment for scalp laceration?

Staples. Most scalp lacerations can be closed with staples. Some still are repaired with sutures. See a physician.

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How to fix a scalp laceration on a two year old?

Depends on the situa. Shallow or short cuts may not need anything more than a good wash out and antibiotic ointment.Deeper cuts that gape open likely need closure.Local instillation of anesthetic followed by staples or sutures is routine, complex deeper lesions may require an anesthetic, a good washout with saline & deep sutures followed by a surfaces closure.Most can be done in a pediatricians office or urgent care ctr. Read more...

How to deal with a scalp laceration on a child?

How deep? First apply pressure to stop the bleeding and see how deep it is, if it is not deep, cleanse with running water to get any debris out if you can see layers of tissue under the skin of the laceration you may need stitches or staples to help it heal. Read more...