What is the treatment for ruptured disk?

Restricted activity. If there is not loss of bowel/bladder/sexual function, progressive loss of motor or sensory function, or intractable leg pain the treatment is a period of restricted activity with or without medications followed by progressive return to activity. The return to activity may include physical therapy.

Related Questions

What is the best treatment option for a 24 year old with a ruptured disk?

Depends. The treatment of ruptured or herniated disc consists of of course of conservative care (physical therapy, rest, nsaids, conservative alternative methods). For those that fail that treatment they may be a candidate for an epidural steroid injection. The last resort for patients is a surgical intervention in the form of a discectomy procedure. Visit your local spine surgeon for more information.

What's the best treatment method for a 27 year old male with a ruptured disk?

Usually nonop care. 90% of disc herniations resolve with no surgery. Treatment involves activity modification, physical therapy & home exercise, medication for symptom control & sometimes, epidural steroid injections. Surgery is definitely indicated when a disc herniation affects bowel or bladder control which is a 1% incidence & in those with a significant or progressive weakness as well in those that fail non op.
Depends. Certainly it makes the most sense to maximize conservative therapy unless you have a neurologic deficit (weakness, decreased sensation.) or pain that is refractory to medical management. Physical therapy, heat, massage etc. Can be very helpful. Again, if you develop a deficit most will recommend surgical treatment be at least considered.

What is the best treatment option for a 25 year old female with a ruptured disk?

Multiple options. The mainstay of treatment is physical therapy, this may be accompanied by medications and possibly physical therapy. Acupuncture may be considered and surgery is a possibility.

Which treatment method for a 27 year old male with a ruptured disk is the very best?

Disc Herniation. Most herniated discs heal on their own--80%. For those that are too painful or fail to improve with pt, nsaid's, 6-18 weeks time, nerve blocks, other medications, then discectomy (plucking out the ruptured fragment) is very successful. In the neck, this is often accompanied by disc replacement or fusion. In the lumbar spine, discectomy is all that is necessary.

Does laser pain therapy work for a ruptured disk and chronic back and neck pain?

Doubt it. I have my doubts with laser type treatments. I would recommend conservative treatment and a formal work up by a spinal specialist.
Watch for gimmicks. Lasers are sometimes used in certain minimally invasive spine surgeries for herniated discs that have failed to respond to nonop care.

I have 3 ruptured disk in my neck. I am trying to figure out if I should get surgery or stick with physical therapy?

Conservative /surg. Usually pt, meds and injections should be tried first. Surgery is usually the last resort unless there is severe compression of nerve root or spinal cord causing major neuro deficits.
Not enough info. Without knowing your specific symptoms, what an exam reveals and without seeing your mri, it is impossible to answer.

My mom has a ruptured disk and chronic back andd neck pain, does laser pain therapy work to help pain?

Treat back pain. Laser therapy can help, but it is often best to use to take a step wise approach to treating ruptured discs. First, try conservative treatments like Ibuprofen and back/neck stretching. If that does not help, often an epidural steroid injection will relieve the discomfort. There are other minimally invasive options. Most important, if your mom smokes, she should stop. Smoking makes pain worse.
No. There is no good evidence that "laser pain therapy" provides any greater relief than a placebo.