What does a high potassium in my blood work indicate?

Depends. It may have been artefactully high if you repeated clenched your fist during blood draw, or if the blood got hemolyzed. Other causes are kidney disease, metabolic disorders and some drugs.

Related Questions

Can blood work be wrong for high potassium left out too long?

Yes. Samples that are left on the counter too long can hemolyze. This raises the measured value of the potassium. Abnormal labs that are unexpected should be repeated for verification. Read more...

I ve had idiopathic recurrent hives for months my most rcent blood work shows high potassium could they be connected?

Hives. The high potassium is a fluke if the blood sample was not processed adequately or delayed. It is not related to hives that are usually of unknown cause and are frustrating. You need to treat them as they come and i hate to say it, learn to live with them. Read more...