What is the treatment for respiratory failure?

Depends... Respiratory failure results when a person is not able to adequately ventilate themselves. This can be caused by many conditions so part of the treatment is to treat the underlying cause. In the meantime, the patient would likely need oxygen therapy, non-invasive or even invasive artificial ventilation, depending on the severity of the respiratory failure. Abgs would help determine initial therapy.
Oxygen and . Supportive care to help with breathing. In true respiratory failure a breathing tube will need to be placed in order to deliver oxygen and it will be connected to a ventilator in order to ensure delivery to the lungs. People with little respiratory reserve (copd, severe heart disease) may need this type of support until the body is able to do this after intensive care has made it possible.

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If someone has respiratory failure, what treatment is used to revive them?

Respiratory support. usual therapy is bronchodilators , bipap assisted ventilation if needed. many diseases can cause respiratory failue including lung-copd,ipf,pneumonia), cardiac with severe congestive heart failure and neuromuscular failure to name a few. Read more...