What is the treatment for reaction to pneumococcal vaccine?

Probably ibuprofen. It depends on the reaction. The most common reactions to vaccination are fever, fussiness, and muscle soreness. These are all normal and not a cause for alarm. Treat with Ibuprofen if needed for a couple of days and they will go away. If it's a more serious reaction, call your doctor.

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What are the symptoms of a reaction to pneumococcal vaccine?

See below: Most reactions are mild and, on average, about half of the children are drowsy after the shot, have a temporary loss of appetite, or have redness or tenderness where the shot was given. About 1 out of 3 have swelling where the shot was given, about 1 of 3 have a mild fever, about 1 in 20 had a higher fever (over 102of), and about 8 out of 10 become fussy or irritable.

What is the definition or description of: Reaction to pneumococcal vaccine?

Vaccine reactions. Depends on which pneumococcal vaccine is used. Usual reactions are soreness at injection site For some vaccines 5-9% get a low fever. Rarely an allergic reaction.

Is the Pneumococcal vaccine, either kind, effective for frequent strep throats? Can it cause die-off reactions from the strep bacteria?

Not effective. This vaccine does not prevent strep throat. You can still get it and you need antibiotics if you do, to avoid the risk of getting rheumaticfever and/or heart disease.
Wrong strains. The Pneumococcal vaccines include material that help your body develop antibodies to strains that commonly cause pneumonia, blood poisoning & a few other conditions. It does nothing that would build any antibodies to Group A strep. Efforts to develop a working vaccine fro strep throat in the past have not been successful.

What happens if a child got 2 prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccines between the age of 2-11 months old but then didn't follow up with the third?

Incomplete series. There is likelyhood that the degree of protection afforded by the vaccine will fade sooner. The 3rd could be completed even when delayed over a year.

How important is the pneumococcal vaccine for my baby?

Extremely Important. Pneumococcal vaccine, also known as prevnar13, protects your infant against the most common bacterial cause of meningitis and pneumonia, as well as ear and blood infections. The risks of the vaccine are minimal and pale in comparison to the diseases prevented.
Very. Strep pneumoniae is a bacteria known for causing infant sepsis and blood sepsis in children under a year. Once the vaccine came out, blood septicemia or blood infections became fairly rare. I have had several children in my practice who have had life threatening strep pneumoniae infections, one requiring a ventilator. On a lesser note, ear infections and pneumonia are also much lower now.

How normal is it normal to have pain after a pneumococcal vaccine?

Little pain normal. A little pain at the site of injection can be normal like any other shot but it does not last longer tan 1 or 2 days at the most.

Can you advise on where to buy pneumococcal vaccine for children?

Health department. And most doctor offices and many pharmacies offer vaccines. You should not have much trouble finding it.
You Can Not Buy It. You can not buy Pnumococcal Vaccine. Only Doctors or Clinics are authorized to bye it If you need this vaccine or any other Vaccine. You have to Doctor or Clinic.

I'm allergic pneumovax, would I prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) 13?

In general, No. I matters what the details were of your allergy to Pneumovax, but generally if you had a severe reaction to the Pneumovax, most doctors would not recommend that you have the Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) 13. Perhaps you could give more complete details of your allergy to your present phsycian and therefor get his/hre advice on the matter.

Can you get pneumonia from a child who just got the prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccine?

No. Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccine does not contain any live bacteria or viruses. The vaccine can not cause pneumonia or infection in the person who was vaccinated or any contacts. Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccine is very safe and effective.
Absolutely Not. The Prevnar (pneumococcal vaccine) vaccine has no live components and can not give anyone or cause pneumonia.