What is the treatment for pubic bone separation?

Conservative, surgey. The treatment could range between obsevation and suergery it depend on the case and the degree of seperation and complications.
Pelvic Girdle. During pregnancy your placenta releases a hormone called Relaxin that softens your connective cartilage; this will allow your pelvis to open during childbirth but can also lead to pain/hip instability/pubic symphyseal separation, which can be painful. Exercising your stabilizer muscles can help; you may also consider buying a pelvic girdle/belly band for compression/support.

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What are the symptoms of pubic bone separation?

Pain. May be felt in the front of the pelvic area, as well as in the back. Another symptom of pubic symphysis is unresolved abdominal or inner leg pain, which are part of the referral pain pattern of the ligaments involved. Cyclists may experience uncomfortable friction directly under the groin from the saddle. Friction in this area may cause numbness, tingling or pain.Painful erection . Read more...

What is the definition or description of: Pubic bone separation?

See below. There is a normal anatomic relationship between the two bones that are joined at the symphysis pubis. A widening of the distance between the two pubic bones would be described as a pubic bone separation and implies at some level a failure of the mechanical integrity of the symphysis pubis. The two most common causes would be trauma and vaginal childbirth. Read more...