What could cause acne conglobata?

Acne Conglobata. This is an extremely severe and deforming scar forming type of acne. It is thought to be genetic and related to hyperkeratosis state. There are extensive formation of nodulocystic Acne that lead to hypertrophic scarring. This is not a type of acne that can be treated with antibiotics or skin care. This is one of the rare indications for Accutane. Your dermatologist will need to monitor you closely.

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Can you tell me what could cause acne conglobata?

Nobody knows. This is a major mystery of dermatology. The key is that it can be managed, though you'll need a dermatologist. Isotretinoin is the mainstay of therapy. Individual lesions may be injected with glucocorticoids. Antibiotics and glucocorticoids may also be used systemically and there are other treatments. It should be possbile to manage you effectively until it remits, usually after many years. Read more...

What to do if I have some acne conglobata on my arms and was wondering what can cause it?

Acne Conglobata. If you have in fact been diagnosed by an experienced dermatologist with Conglobata, you will need aggressive medical treatment such as Accutane but I doubt this rare type of disfiguring Acne can be isolated to just arms. Also, since you have not provided your real age or gender we can't provide you with relevant response and direct you to your dermatologist. Read more...