What is the treatment for premature baby "pauses" in breathing?

Periodic breathing. Pauses in breathing in the neonates are called "periodic breathing". It occurs in 80% of full term and 100% of preterm babies. These pauses are usually brief ( 3 seconds). If they are brief and are not associated with changes in color (cyanosis or pallor) or a drop in heart rate, then it does not require treatment and resolve with time ( by 44 weeks post-conception).
Nothing. Periodic breathing is the respiratory pauses of < 2o sec, intervening with the periods of normal respiration. The cause of it has been suggested lies in the immaturity of the respiratory brain center. They don't usually need specific treatment, since with the infant's growth they will do away. The common practice is ham devise to alarm the parents. Caffeine might be used in excessive cases.

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What are the symptoms of premature baby "pauses" in breathing?

Apnea. Apnea is stopping breathing for about 15 seconds but premature babies do periodic breathing also(slow than fast then slow). The more premature the more likely to have some apnea. They do grow out of this. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: Premature baby "pauses" in breathing?

Apnea of prematurity. Apnea is a term for breathing pauses more than 20 seconds. It can occur in full-term babies, but is more greater, the more the baby is premature. Apnea may be followed by bradycardia, which is a decreased heart rate. When breathing slows, the heart rate also slows. Read more...