What is the treatment for post-polio syndrome?

Rehab/PT/Pain Meds. Treatment involves a Multi-disciplinary rehabilitation approach. Physical Therapy to increase muscle strngthand endurance Occupational Therapy to address upper body problems like overuse injuries Speech and language therapy Pain Meds Sleep studies and treatment for ocp Bracis use as needed.
Few. Some researchers are studying immunoglobulins to reduce pain and increase function. Most therapies are geared to exercising judiciously and with supervision the muscle bundles affected. Some life style changes may be in order and always close contact with a doctor well versed in neuromuscular disease.

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What are some treatment options for post polio syndrome?

Physical therapy. Weakness, poor balance, and pain are the more common symptoms. Cure is not possible, but good management is possible. You need a good therapy program and appropriate braces and equipment to be as functional as possible. Pain relief is very important. Read more...