What is the treatment for placenta infarction?

Here are my thoughts. Placental infarcts, if they occur in an ongoing pregnancy, would lead me to have concern for the well being of the fetus. So addressing the underlying disease that caused the infarcts is important. In addition testing of the fetus for its well being should occur. I might also treat the mom so that the fetus received the best placental function possible, examples: rest, hydration & possibly oxygen.

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What are the symptoms of placenta infarction?

HTN, FGR, oligo. Placental infarction is a pathologically determined diagnosis that underlies a multitude of adverse perinatal outcomes such as fetal growth restriction, oligohydramnios, placental failure, preeclampsia/hypertension and placental abruption. It has symptoms of preeclampsia, small uterus and stillbirth. Read more...

What is the definition or description of: placenta infarction?

Death of placnt. seg. When an area which is fed by a set of blood vessels loses that blood supply it dies. In the absence of infection this tissue will eventually degenerate and be replaced by scar tissue, so it is easy to identify after delivey when looking at the placenta. Read more...