What is the treatment for periodontitis?

There are multiple. There are different ways to treat - depending on disease severity. You can get great information from the official perio website - perio. Org or if you say where you are located - can give you a periodontist near by who could help you.
See your dentist. Potential periodontal problems can often be diagnosed and treated before becoming problematic. If you are experiencing or think you have early periodontal problems, you need to schedule an appointment with your dentist for a thorough clinical and radiographic examination to determine if and what treatment (s) may be necessary to prevent or treat the problem (s).

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What is the treatment for periodontitis?

Remove the bugs! Periodontitis is loss of jaw bony support around the teeth due to the presence of chronic inflammation. This develops from the bacteria harbored in dental plaque film and on the rough surfaces of tartar build-up. Depending on the extent and classification of your periodontitis, there are different recommendations. For mild to moderate condition, your dentist's hygienist will do root planing.
Depends. It depends upon the severity of the disease. Treatment usually starts with scaling and root planing and may involve surgery and antimicrobials prior to the patient being put on a maintenance regimen.
Infection response. Periodontitis is an inflammatory response of the patient to the bacteria (biofilm) that causes the disease. Root planning used to be the "standard of care" but research shows all of the bacteria present at the beginning of the cleaning remain at the end. We have found the perio protect method that delivers medications to the pocket work better (j clin dent 2012).

What are some treatment options for periodontitis?

LANAP. Have your dentist take x-rays and periodontal charting. Make sure six measurements are taken of each tooth. If you have periodontitis do a search for lanap. Lanap is an fda cleared laser procedure that reverses gum disease.
Depends. It depends on what stage your periodontitis is diagnosed (mild, moderate or severe) and what kind of osseous defect around the tooth (vertical or horizontal). Scaling/root planing with or without local antibiotic delivery is effective for mild-moderate periodontitis. Osseous surgery or regenerative procedures using bonegraft, membrane or emdogain is effective for moderate-severe periodontitis.
Treat the cause. The perio protect method has been shown to kill 99.98% of the bacteria that cause periodontitis. The custom formed trays are used for treatment and then used to prevent redevelopment of the disease. It can be used with lasers, s&rp and all other forms of treatment. Surgery is used in those areas where there is infected cells that don't respond to direct medicine delivery.
Pocket Reduction. Pocket reduction is the goal of periodontal treatment. It can be accomplished by: 1. Scaling and root planing 2. Gingivectomy 3. Conventional pocket reduction surgery 4. Lanap laser periodontal surgery.

What is the best treatment plan for chronic periodontitis?

Periodontal therapy. There is not one best option for treating chronic periodontitis. Your dentist or periodontist will develop an individualized treatment plan based upon your risk factors, specific condition of the teeth, etc.
Depends. If too advanced you might not be able to save some teeth. Hard to answer w /o seeing you and xrays.