What is the treatment for paroxetine overdose?

Serotonin syndrome. When ppl overdose on an ssri, the clinical consequence is usually serotonin syndrome, which can manifest with a fever, sweating, mental status changes, myoclonus, etc. Depending on severity, patients can be hospitalized, given IV fluids, benzodiazepines (to reduce agitation and/or myoclonus), Cyproheptadine (blocks serotonin), and other interventions to control body temp, vitals, etc.

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What is the treatment for Paxil (paroxetine) overdose?

A worrisome question. Factors that affect choice of treatment (tx) include age, other meds being taken, and presence of medical problems (such as liver impairment). Symptoms include GI problems, changes in heart rate and blood pressure (bp), problems breathing, and liver and kidney impairment. Tx's include stomach pump, IV fluids, BP medications, seizure meds, and breathing support. Prevention is best treatment! Read more...

What is the definition or description of: Paroxetine overdose?

Paxil OD. Paxil/ paroxetine dosing recommendations depend on the condition being treated. Dosing is usually around 20mg/day but may go up to 50mg /day. It has been tested at 60 mg/ day. An overdose is accidental or intentional ingestion or application of an excessive dose of a medication. Medications overdoses may be dangerous and may lead to death in some situations. Read more...