What is the treatment for Paget disease of the nipple?

Options. Paget's can be treated with removal of the nipple-areola area (lumpectomy) followed by radiation or total mastectomy which includes the nipple. Chemotherapy is not usually needed. Hormonal therapy is used if the tumor is estrogen or Progesterone positive.

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What is Paget disease of the nipple?

Cancer. Paget's disease of the breast is a scaly eczema-like skin change usually near or on the nipple, which is a malignant disease and is often associated with an underlying breast cancer.
A form of breast CA. As any other form of breast cancer, it required proper staging and surgical treatment. It tends to behave as very early forms of breast cancer and, in most cases, the prognosis is excellent. It will require, however, a surgical procedure.

What is the definition or description of: Paget disease of the nipple?

Pagets dz of breast. Is a malignant condition that may have the appearance of eczema, with skin changes involving the nipple of the breast. The incidence is approximately around 3%. Most of them are also associated with underlying breast cancer. Biopsy should be done to confirm. Mammogram, sonogram and perhaps MRI breast should be done-depending on the case to evaluate underlying breast cancer.