Where does thyroid gland locate at in our body?

The lower neck. The bulk of the thyroid gland lies on both sides of your wind-pipe in your neck. This area is just above the bony notch at the top of your breast bone. There is a small bridge of tissue that connects the two lobes. Normally you cannot see or feel this gland. See a doctor if this area is puffy, feel like you have something in your throat, or there is a tenderness or fulness in this area.
Your nec.k. At right underneath the adams apple is the thyroid gland. In areas where iodine is low, patients can develop a goiter, an enlarged thyroid. Their neck will appear visibly larger.
Neck. The neck is a butterfly shaped organ located in the lower neck right in the front, just below the "adam's apple".
Neck. The thyroid gland is located in the front part of the neck, lower down by the clavicles. It's really small and hard to feel, even for professionals at times.
In the neck. The thryoid gland is located in the anterior part of your neck above the clavicles and below the larynx (adams apple).