What is the treatment for mvp?

Depends. It depends on how severe it is. Treatment ranges from none to beta blockers to slow heart rate and help with palpitations to valve surgery if the degree of regurgitation (leakiness of the mitral valve ) is severe. Regular followup with your doctor is essential.
None necessary. Mitral valve prolapse requires no treatment unless the valve leaks significantly. Usually it does not leak a whole lot. The aha no longer recommends antibiotic prophylaxis for mvp prior to dental and other procedures.

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I have "mild MVP" with symptoms regularly. I'm wondering what the cardiologist will say when I meet with her to go over the echo. Probable treatment?

Mvp. Mitral valve prolapse is usually a benign finding. You don't have to do anything about it. Also called click-murmur syndrome. Found in a lot of symptomatic women. Sometimes the cardiologists revise recommendations as to antibiotic prophylaxis. Your cardiologist will keep you informed of any revisions. Read more...
Doubtful. this affects a few percent of the female population. There is a theoretical increased risk of valve infection. Mostly problems are symptomatic (associated with panic attacks). Treatable with usual SSRI's with HIGH SUCCESS. Read more...