What is the treatment for mitral valve disease?

Usually nothing. Mitral valve disease includes mitral valve leaking (mr) and blockage (mitral stenosis). Each has a given criteria for surgery. Usually most pts have mild to moderate disease. The pts are monitored for symptoms, arrythmias, heart failure, decreased exercise tolerance etc. Beta blockers, water pills, digoxin, anticoagulation and antiarrthmic medicine, are some time used. If severe only surgery helps.

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Is inability to take a deep breath part of mitral valve disease and what treatments are there?

Could be. Yes, you need to have an echocardiogram done which is an ultrasound test to check the function of the heart valves. If the valves are ok you need to look for something else by your doctor.
No. Mitral valve disease is complex and knowing which type of disease (regurgitation/leaking or stenosis/narrowing) would help as would the severity but that is not a common symptom.