What are the differences between an opthalmologist and optometrist?

Training. Optometrist go to a four year training school after college which includes two years of eye treatment and two years of business school. Ophthalmologists due one years of internship, fours years of residency only doing eyes, and commonly two more years of subspecialty training. Ophthalmologist treat all aspects of eye disease including surgical; Optometrists limited to glasses, contacts,medical.

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What is the difference between an opthalmologist and optometrist?

Education. The ophthalmologist has been to medical school and then had an internship and residency. This physician can do eye surgery diagnose and treat eye diseases, help prevent blindness, do corneal transplants, fit patients for contacts or glasses. An optometrist went to optometry school and then is able to measure eyesight for glasses or contacts. Read more...