What is the treatment for mania?

Meds, PsychT. Mood stabilizers to help with mood and energy. Also, keeping the schedule and sleep patterns are important. Find psychiatrist to help you manage mood sx with medication and psychologist to help you work on sx awareness, routine, sleep hygiene and precipitants of the manic episodes and mood swings.
Bipolar? Except under somewhat unusual circumstances (e.g., acute drug intoxication) mania is a component state of bipolar disorder. Bipolar can be well-managed through a combination of mood-stabilizing medication (they fall into a number of classes, best suited for different individuals) and psychotherapy. Once a manic episode has spontaneously appeared, the wisest course is to take this longer view.

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What is a treatment for drug induced hypo mania?

Drug-induced? With drug-induced hypomania, the first step is stopping the drug thought to be causing it. Often this is an antidepressant, given to someone who has undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Steroid treatments for asthma is another possibility. Antipsychotic medications like seroquel (quetiapine) may control symptoms. If underlying bipolar disorder is suspected, ongoing mood stabilizers would be suggested. Read more...
Hypomania. First step is stopping the offending agent, informing your prescribing doc. Ofcourse, then work with your doc. On tx for the mood changes if such persist. Good luck. Read more...