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How long can cerebral adaema caused due to japanese encephalitis take to cure completely. Please see report here http://goo. Gl/qyyih?

JE. Japanese encephalitis can affect the brain tissue and cause edema. The edema should regress but the affected brain may never return to baseline. See your neurologist for deeper explanations. An MRI can show you what is left to work with after encephalitis has taken its toll.

Hw long brain swelling aftr japanese encephalitis takes to cure & whn cn v expect maximum recovery? Viral encephalitis is less serious thn bacterial?

Japanese encephaliti. This very severe disease has a better than 30% mortality rate and a 30% incidence of neurological dysfunction after recovery. Severity of both depend upon the particular organism causing the brain inflammation.

He is 9 yrs. Old and diagnosed as japanese encephalitis. He is in coma since 5 days. Your advice solicited. Is their any threat to life. Pls. Help...

A few suggestions. Not sure where you live, or what is available. Disease can be very nasty, and leave lasting problems, but 9 Y.O. Child has far better chance of full recovery than elderly adult. Would recommend a team comprised of infectious disease specialists, and experienced neurologists. Might do best being treated at famous facility such as boston children's, johns hopkins cmsc, mayo. I hope for recovery.
Japanese encephaliti. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for japanese encephalitis. Management is supportive care.

What is japanese encephalitis?

Mosquito-borne virus. Japanese encephalitis (inflammation in the brain) is caused by a virus transmitted by a mosquito bite, common in parts of asia, especially where rice fields are located. A vaccine is available in the U.S., for people who plan to visit high-risk areas in asia.
Mosquito bite dz. This is a virus transmitted by mosquito bites which causes infection of the central nervous system (brain). Symptoms include fevers, chills, headache, neck stiffness, confusion, and possibly seizure. A lumbar puncture (spinal tap) is often necessary to diagnose the disease. There is no specific treatment for this disease, but it often gets better on its own.
Japanese ence. Http://www. Cdc. Gov/japaneseencephalitis/

What is the definition or description of: Japanese encephalitis?

Japanese encephaliti. Japanese encephalitis is disease found in Asia and the Western Pacific which can be transmitted by a mosquito carrying the Japanese encephalitis virus. See: https://www. Cdc. Gov/japaneseencephalitis/index. Html.

One of my friend got infected with japanese encephalitis and she is semiconscious for last seven days. What to do? She is not gaining consciousness.

Depends. I am assuming of course that your friend is in intensive care at hospital. It may take awhile. Please discuss with doctors caring for your friend as they may be able to update you more. But give it time especially if progress day to day being made. Supportive care is all that can be done in your friend's case. I hope your friend recovers soon hang in there ok.