What is the treatment for imperforate anus?

A Pena Procedure. This procedure was named after alberto pena. Basically you pull a segment of colon down to the skin and create an opening.
Depends. The defect can be as simple as the anus not forming an opening (but everything is in its normal place).It can also have no opening and lower intestine that never came down into position. The first case can be as simple as opening the membrane, which is easy to manage. For high separations, the bowel must be pulled down and an opening formed.The high defects are more work and difficult to manage.

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I have imperforate anus and theres things I want to do in my life. Is there a permanent treatment for this?

Odd statement. I'll assume you mean you had an imperforate anus at birth and at 33 have persisting issues. This defect is incompatible with life if not operated on in infancy. A normally functioning anus is rare after repair of all but the most favorable short segment defects. Consulting a gastroenterologist and colorectal surgeon may give you a clear picture of your options. Read more...
Bowel management. Ia can be complex and patients may not be able to control stooling. There are many reasons. Bowel management is a way for ia patients to control the timing of having a bm to remain clean at all other times. There is no 'simple' surgical correction if incontinence is the issue. The goal is to have you clean and socially continent through bowel management so you can do things you want to do. Read more...