4 days ago I started having random stinging pain in my left arm that has stayed and a dull aching pain in my jaw thats somewhat nauseating.?

Arm & jaw pain. Without knowing your age, I would recommend you have a medical evaluation now. Arm and jaw pain with nausea are possible indications of angina, which is a problem with blood flow in the arteries of the heart. There are other possibilities, but the serious things need to be ruled out first. .
Uncertainty. Female age unknown with few days arm pain and jaw aching. In middle age or older person there is concern for angina pectoris or worse, and need for immediate talk to her doctor and possibly a cardiac exam. In a 20's to 30's person a unifying diagnosis would be Thoracic Outlet Syndrome or a cervical neural impingement disorder, for an Osteopath to diagnose. In teenager sports musculosketal injury.
ER -NOW. Although this is not always classic- it highly suggests a cardiac issue and deserves immediate ER evaluation- please go directly to the ER and do not ignore these symptoms.