What is the treatment for glandular fever?

No clear treatment. Apparently, glandular fever is a viral infection caused by the epstein-barr virus. It can be transmitted by oral contact, like kissing, and airborne saliva droplets. At this time, there is no specific treatment. Paracetamol/tylenol and nsaids (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can be used to help the flu like symptoms. Otherwise it resolves over 2-4 weeks without issues.

Related Questions

I have glandular fever but didn't show in my blood test?

Can be normal. The common screening test for this problem can be negative early in the illness, becoming positive several weeks later. There are also other (non EB) viruses that cause a glandular fever and these will never show up as a positive.

I have glandular fever but didn't show in my blood test, what to do?

Insufficient info. How do you know that you have glandular fever? What tests were done? If you have persistent fever or enlarged lymph glands please consult a doctor for an in-person evaluation.

What are the symptoms of glandular fever?

Mononucleosis. Glandular fever was the original term used for mononucleosis when it was first described in the 1800's. It is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and symptoms include fever, pharyngitis, enlarged lymph nodes, fatigue and atypical lymphocytosis in the blood.

Is it possible to recontract glandular fever?

Yes. Glandular fever, usually caused by epstein-barr virus, can be caused by other pathogens such as toxoplasmosis or CMV so it could occur more than once.