What is the treatment for gambling addiction?

I'm glad you asked. There are a variety of cognitive and medication-based treatments. Of all the addictions, this is the one most likely to lead to suicide. Think of those who you love, and who love you. You are CERTAIN to lose this if the behavior continues. Let this give you the strength to go along with treatment.
Tricky. One of the methods that I use is to block your Dopamine receptors prior to the thrill of gambling. Eventually, it will extinguish the behavior. I found that the most difficult part is to explain to the spouse that the patient has to go "gamble for treatment." the behavior, if not enforced, will extinguish.

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Can you tell me if there are any gambling addiction treatment centers in greensburg, pennsylvania?

Gamblers Anonymous. Try gamblers anonymous. They will know which clinics have the best programs. I googled them ; got this listing of meetings in pa: http://www. Dsf. Health. State. Pa.Us/health/lib/health/bdap/listing_of_pennsylvania_weekly_meeting. Pdf.

I want to know what's the therapy for gambling addiction?

CBT + 12-step perhap. I'd try an experienced cbt therapist who knows enough about gambling addiction and perhaps look for a good match with a 12-step group. Each is a bit different, so you might make a few trial visits to see if one fits for you. Good luck with this. Interesting, I just realized that like some gambling - it may be a mix of skill and luck - cool?