Can a 1month new born baby travel via airplane?

If you must- yes! Your baby will be at risk for infection just like any of us boarding a plane. Make sure to offer your baby a pacifier or a bottle as you take off and at landing to avoid an earache!
Airtravel. Yes the baby will take the trip better than you will.
Yes. The infant may get a little fussy as the air pressure differential affects the inner ear. But there is no harm otherwise and this commonly happens.
Baby Airlines . Check with the airlines but I see no problem with flying. However airplanes are a breeding ground for the spread of infection, so wipe up your seating area well. Try to use a pacifier on lift off or landing to help with air pressure changes. And best is to get the bulk head seats which have more room. And don't let the little old ladies touch your cute little baby. Keep hands off! .