What is the treatment for fibromyalgia syndrome?

See below. Treatment consists of some type of exercise, usually aerobic exercise which is gradually increased in intensity. Some medications can be helpful but usually work best with other treatments like exercise. Finally, behavioral medicine therapy can be very helpful to get people moving again and learn effective ways to live well despite the presence of pain.
Varies widely. Treatments for fibromyalgia (FM) vary. FM is a multifactorial disorder with different mechanisms of soft tissue injuries evolving in different FM sufferers. Therefore, treatments need to be multimodal & customized to each person. Efficacious treatments include FDA appoved meds for FM, aquatherapy, gentle yoga, massage, topical & ingested cannabis, Vitamin D, & mindfulness therapies. .
Fibromyalgia .... Treatments for fibromyalgia include non-pharmacotherapy and pharmacotherapy interventions:
1) Non-Pharmacotherapy treatments such as stress management, low impact aerobic exercise, psychological/behavioral therapy, sleep.
2) Pharmacotherapy treatments include analgesics, antidepressants (i.e duloxetine), anti-epileptic drugs (i.e gabapentin), antioxidants, vitamin and minerals, muscle relaxants.

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What is the treatment for fibromyalgia syndrome? Does ingested cannabis and vitamin D help?

Need multiple . Different approach include medications, deep message, low impact exercise, cognitive behavior therapy, sleep quality, etc. If fibromyalgia is secondary then need to treat the underlying cause. It is very complex and require in depth eval. Cannabis use is controversial and definitely not the first line and mainstream therapy. Improve Vit D level could be beneficial, but not first line either. Read more...
Each case is unique. Each case is unique, what works for one may not work for another. I suggest you consult a clinician for a thorough clinical evaluation including history, physical examination, and blood tests. You and your doctor may also decide to consider alternative therapeutic modalities. Read more...